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What are the 9 key features for an e-recruitment system for engineering services?

19 October 2015 by

Nowadays recruitment software has to meet many requirements. Whenever a company decides to select a new system there are different groups of interest involved: e.g. recruiters, business managers, IT and management departments. Therefore software manufacturers often see themselves confronted with complex requests and specification sheets that hardly any system can fulfill within a reasonable budget range. So exactly which qualities does an e-recruitment system have to possess to enable the recruiters and business managers to work efficiently?

1. User-friendly

A recruitment system is a complex application that has to be intuitive for the users. The handling has to be clear with a logical allocation of the functionalities in order to increase the user acceptance and productivity. The use of modern web technologies in the software architecture is a precondition, too.

2. Web-based

In any case, an up-to-date system should be web-based. Whereas it doesn’t really matter whether the data is hosted on a server of the client (On premise) or of the supplier (SaaS/Software as a service). The access of all employees to a centralized database enables the usage from different locations. The software can then also be maintained and updated more regularly.

3. Multi-Channel-Posting

One of the recruiters’ main activities is the publishing of job offers on various online job portals to obtain the maximum reach. The central handling of the job board logins directly from the system makes the function of multi-channel-posting easy-to-handle and helps to save precious time.

4. CV Parsing

CV parsing is the automatic scanning of candidate data. Applications can be directly extracted, modified and evaluated. Like this the HR employees gain lots of time when inserting data. Furthermore the number of errors resulting from the manual insertion decreases.

5. Matching

Matching process in Unatrix

Matching process in Unatrix

The matching between the candidates and the customers’ needs is one of the essential processes for engineering services. It is crucial that the relevant competencies are recognized and considered within the search. A dynamic catalogue of competences that contains different specific keywords as well as synonyms and other spellings and other translations can bring a major advantage.

6. Talent pool

Any position can be staffed with only one candidate. Though this does not necessarily imply that the other applicants do not represent precious human capital. In times where you have to talk about the “war of talents” with a decreasing number of candidates for the number of jobs to be staffed this potential should not be given away with a negative answer. Instead you can transfer them into a talent pool – with their consent, of course. Like this they can be reconsidered for later vacancies. Here it makes sense to use the recruitment software rather like a CRM to establish a regular contact with the pool members.

7. CRM

Recruitment usually starts with a staffing need whether it is internal or external, i.e. for a client. If the engineering services are able to cover their own recruitment processes with the tool, the same should go for their customer relationships. In fact the contact and exchange with the client is equally important since the recruitment is being done for him. The recruiter can receive required profiles and offer candidates with the desired competencies directly through the CRM to make their work easier.

8. Monitoring

Monitoring in Unatrix

Monitoring in Unatrix

In order to manage a company precisely you need to know about certain KPIs, especially within the core business areas of an engineering service, i.e. recruitment and sales. The e-recruitment system can support this with clearly structured reportings. Like this, you can easily understand how many applications were received, how many client interviews resulted from this and how many projects were won in the end.

9. Communication history

To avoid that candidates and clients are getting contacted twice or never, it is important to track the interactions with the related actors and to make them accessible for all employees involved. Like this the processes become comprehensible and transparent for all colleagues. In matured systems it is even possible to set automatic actions, e.g. to send predefined emails after a certain period of time.

We were able to identify these criteria as critical parts of a recruitment software because of our long-lasting industry experience and the steady contact to engineering services. Over time Unatrix has therefore become a proven tool that sets highest standards for itself. Should you have any questions or ideas about that, just give us your feedback at info@unatrix.com.

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