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Premium solution for recruitment and engineering agencies

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One platform for recruitment and sales

Cover all your processes with Unatrix and promote collaboration. Full flexibility for your success!

Use the functionalities of our applicant tracking to publish job ads on different channels and track your application processes and communicate with candidates.
The CRM extension module enables you to administer customer contacts and company structures, to display and to control sales processes.
With the additional ERP component you can easily manage your projects, employees and orders and plan the next assignments.

“At last! – a system that combines business sector know-how with user-friendly Web technologies”
- Christian Wagner, in-tech GmbH -

Unatrix sets new benchmarks

Simple and effective – experience a new-generation solution for E-recruitment and CRM with Unatrix.
Quickly identify the right skills. A blend of different search algorithms delivers precise results, including coping with synonyms and different written styles.

Great usability and workflow!


Unatrix achieved a 4/5 points user rating (customer survey April 2015).

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