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Projects detailed view


The overall details of a Project are divided into sections in this view. By clicking on the respective section (General Information, Project data etc.) these details are displayed or rolled back up. On the right side of these sections, the User can edit data and add data (NB: the ability to edit Projects depends on the authorisation rights of the respective User).

In the upper part of this view, various files can be saved via Uploads. A green or red dot above the Uploads area shows whether the Project is currently “active” or “inactive”.


All current file formats (.doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .html, etc) can be uploaded under “Uploads”.

General Information

In this section the project can first be allocated a description. The name of the Author is initially taken as that of the responsible User, but can be changed manually.

The project can also be linked with a Need. The related Client Contact can be added using Autocomplete, if this data is already available. The Need data is then imported automatically into the fields of the project.

Project Data

The Project Start Date and End Date and the related Quotation can be filed in this area. Information about an existing Order can be processed with the command “Order” in the Toolbox.


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