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Release 16/03


Qualification filter for customers

A new filter section in the customers’ tab called ‘Qualifications’ allows to search for competencies and tools added in customer contacts.


A connection to a LDAP directory (e.g. Active Directory) can be enabled through the backend part in order to facilitate user management.

New profile fields

Social media: Several social media links can be added in the personal data section.

Main tool: A main tool can be added for a profile. This field has to be enabled in the backend part (fields/profile/qualifications)

Left: Date on which an employee left the company.

Source selection for profiles

Sources can be deactivated in the backend part. Users won’t be able to select nor filter for them anymore.

Parent sources can be withdrawn from the frontend selection as well. Only the lowest child options can be selected then.

Need categories

As for the profiles, categories can be enabled for needs in the backend part (fields/needs/general_information/category). One category can be set per default when adding a need. Categories can then be set through the toolbox. Categories can be hidden for users through the permission groups.

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