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Release 14/11


Customer parent/child

If mousing over the name of a company, a tooltip indicates the parent or child companies of this company.

Enhanced picture identification parsing

When parsing a CV, new algorithms are identifying photos and discarding other pictures.


Data within profile uploads are being indexed now. The corresponding filter allows to search within this data. Mousing over the “Info” link in the filter section displays the different operators that can be used for the search.
Note: we are using a cron job to index the profiles in order to balance the server load. It might take a few seconds before a document is indexed and searchable.

Files in applications

When candidates are applying again and are being merged in existing ones (if having the same email), upload duplicates are being identified and discarded.

“Attribution” in display settings

Users can define in their settings if they want to see only profiles that are attributed to them per default. It will then be added to the filter automatically when accessing the Profile tab.

Additional customer contacts in Needs

Two additional customer contacts can be added in the Needs if required. This feature must be activated in the Backend (fields/needs) by labeling the category of contacts (i.e purchase, hr, …).

For further questions: support@unatrix.com

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