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Release 14/03


Empty Profile (Data Protection Law)

This action is used to delete all the data from a Profile, except for a few items that may be retained. In the Backend area under Actions/Standard/Empty Profile, it can be defined which information a Profile will retain. To use this action, it is necessary to have access to the appropriate Permission group.

Automatic emails to Profile

Links an email with a specific Status, which will automatically be sent to the Profile after a defined time period has elapsed. It can be defined whether this email should always be sent after the stated number of days has elapsed, or only if the selected status has not changed within this time period. The settings for this are contained in the Backend area under Status, edit (for the corresponding Status).



Resource booking

This function is used to book interview rooms. An automatic email is sent to the address filed for the interview room, in order to book the room for the time of the interview. An individual email address can be filed for each interview location or room. The settings for this are contained in the Backend area under Interview Location, Edit, Resources email.

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