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Projects list view



Sorting can be performed according to the following criteria: Most Recent, Project Start, Alphabetical, Order End

Projects/page: the User can specify the number of projects displayed per page. This setting is automatically saved.

Projekt Sortierung
List View (Short View)

The List View gives the User an initial summary with the main information. The mouseover function (pause the mouse briefly over the respective line) provides access to further details. The check box (alongside the description) allows Projects to be selected, before carrying out specific actions from the Toolbox.

The List View consists of three columns:

Left column:
General information, e.g. Location, Client, and the User responsible.

Centre column:
The centre column gives details of the key data, e.g. Project start and end dates, purchase order end date, and contract type.

Right column:
The right-hand column contains all the details of the latest actions (History) listed in chronological order. Here too, the mouseover function provides access to further details within a specific entry.

Projekt Shortview

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