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Introduction of Unatrix job widget

2 March 2015 by

Creation of companies’ career pages made easy

The Unatrix job widget creates a preconfigured customizable job portal for the client. Job ads can be uploaded there with a click. The result is a real career page of the company. No further efforts raise up for the design and integration of an internally developed homepage. When applying online the profile of the candidate and all relevant information are automatically stored. All the data is hosted in Germany.

Job portal in responsive design and based on SEO criteria

The job offers as well as the related portal are built in responsive webdesign. So they react to the properties of every device.

„Mobile recruiting is currently one of the most important trends in job-seeking. More and more candidates are using their smartphones or tablets to search for employment. We put a lot of emphasis on the fact that our clients’ job advertisements are perfectly readable on all possible devices. They are optimized by SEO aspects in order to make them most findable in all online search engines. “ says Sacha Taghavi, CEO of Unatrix GmbH.

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