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Why build up talent pools?

10 August 2015 by

Skills shortage is a widely known phenomenon

Nowadays many companies feel the „war of talents“, meaning the fact that there is a sinking number of candidates for the existing jobs to be staffed. By consequence more vacancies remain open or it takes more time to cover them. Maybe there are even additional recruiting ressources (e.g. staffing agencies, engineering services provider) required.

What can companies do against that?

Of course there are many possibilities but people have always done one thing to prevent a lack of resources: stock up. Therefore we want to present you the building of your own talent pool as a cost-effective possibility for your e-recruitment.

Talent pool as a reservoir against skills shortage

Sales and Marketing knew it for a long time already: it is much harder to gain new customers than to keep existing ones. And it is even harder to win back lost customers. When applied to recruitment this means it is useful to keep in touch with acquainted talents. Following this logic you should start using your recruiting software more like a CRM tool.

Basically the HR team should start building up a database or online platform that contains candidate and co-worker profiles. The idea behind is to register e.g. working students or interns who have already proven their abilities on the job for later use in higher qualified opportunities. So you can keep in touch through your candidate database even if they have left the company in the meantime.

Today it does not make much sense anymore to directly refuse candidates who have sent speculative applications or who have applied for certain positions if they are not the perfect match. Instead the existing potential should be used and the specialist who has already proved her interest in the company should be inserted into the talent pool (given their consent). The pool can then be used for job advertisements later on.

example picture: creation of a talent pool in Unatrix

Example: creation of a talent pool in Unatrix

Active sourcing for the faster building of an index of applicants

A talent pool database can also be useful for the case that the company decides to go for an active sourcing concept, i.e. to contact potential candidates directly e.g. through social media platforms like LinkedIn. Recruiters can simply create profiles in the software and handle their database instead of losing themselves in confusing excel sheets.

Use potentials and manage contacts

You should use the built-up potential and keep in touch regularly with the pool members in order to avoid setting up a collection of inactive profiles. Many recruitment agencies and headhunters are already successful with this and send their current job postings in email newsletters. Some companies do even build up serious communities around their talent pool where e.g. the HR team is available for chatting.

Use Unatrix to build up a talent pool

The applicant tracking system of Unatrix makes it easy to build up your own talent pool and to structure it reasonably. The candidate profiles can rapidly be inserted into the database or can directly be scanned via the parsing function. The intelligent matching supplies custom-fit search results based on tags which are automatically assigned to the candidates or their qualifications. There is even an automated messaging functionality to contact the members after a defined period (e.g. 60 days) in order to keep in touch easily.

The skills shortage can be encountered with just a little imagination. What do you think of using a talent pool? Write us: info@unatrix.com

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