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GDPR general data protection regulation

Unatrix helps with the implementation of the GDPR

11 May 2018 written by

As of 05/25/2018 companies that collect personal data of EU citizens are required to implement the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (short GDPR).
This new law was passed to improve the protection of the rights of citizens and the safeguarding of their personal data.
The complete version of the Act can be found here.

Consequently, this new Act does have a significant impact on application management, if personal data is stored and shared.
In this context, the primary obligation of companies is to comply with the newly defined rights of candidates. The following text describes the most important of these rights and the measures that need to be implemented. Unatrix offers various related functions that simplify the implementation of these measures.

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Unatrix partners with InHiro for Open Web sourcing

29 May 2017 written by

After several months of development, we are proud to introduce the integration of InHiro, a specialist on Open Web sourcing.

With InHiro, you will be able to:

  • Search across websites with more than 1.4 Billion profiles
  • Utilize the power of Open Web to find talents
  • Identify and target profiles outside the usual CV databases

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Employer Branding

The employer brand, an asset to drive talent acquisition

10 April 2017 written by

The employer brand is far from being a new theme for HR professionals; these past few years most of the news came from technologies that are revolutionizing the relationships between applicants, companies and recruiters.

The ‘War for Talents’ has been a theme many times discussed in Unatrix, here in this blog and during customer talks as well. In a job market under pressure, it is sometimes easier to find requirements and projects rather than good talents! Below are some tips to limit the loss of good candidates thanks to tips in using a company’s employer brand. If you’re looking for a definition, you can refer to this one https://www.absolventa.de/jobs/channel/human-resources/thema/employer-branding-definition

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Introducing the Unatrix 2017 release

13 February 2017 written by

We would like to introduce you the latest developments available in Unatrix! This release includes improvements increasing the productivity of recruiters and sales users. More features will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Highlights of the release include:

  • the Offers module to manage business quotations with a validation process
  • the extension of our API
  • the creation of an assignment filter
  • the possibility to activate new reports

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

21 December 2016 written by

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017 !

We would like to thank all our clients in more than 23 countries and our partners for their trust. We are looking forward to continue our great collaboration.


Unatrix remains on growth track!

27 September 2016 written by

The growth of Unatrix continued to ramp up over the first three quarters 2016. We are proud to announce that more than 2,900 users in 15 countries take advantage of Unatrix to manage their daily processes.

We welcome our new clients, mainly active in the service and engineering fields, like Aixial, Médiane Système, EK Design, Encontec, Efficon or IWP.

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Metrics and KPIs: use them to boost your growth!

19 July 2016 written by

Each company has its own way of implementing some metrics and should ideally follow a continuous improvement approach to drive its business. Gathering tons of data without using it is a waste as it could lead to useful information and substantial improvements. A few metrics and KPIs should be analyzed in regular intervals. Here a few advices.

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Unatrix among the best of the Innovationspreis IT 2016

28 March 2016 written by

The Initiative Mittelstand („SME initiative“) awards companies with innovative IT solutions and high utility value with the INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT („innovation prize IT“). Unatrix was nominated in the „Human Resources“ category and received the BEST OF 2016 signet.
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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

17 December 2015 written by

The end of the year is coming closer and closer. Therefore we want to catch the opportunity and thank all our clients and partners for the trust they put in us.

The year 2015 was an outstanding year for us, a year full of action. We have realized a new sales record as in the three calendar years before. Furthermore we have integrated new functions, e.g. the multiposting for job advertisements, CV parsing or also the JobWidget.

We wish you a great holiday season and a happy and successful year 2016!


2015 – a year in blog posts

10 December 2015 written by

Applicant tracking for recruitment and engineering agencies

It is in Unatrix’s DNA to be designed according to the customers’ needs. Therefore our software for recruitment agencies has become indispensable in the market for e-recruitment systems. Our value added: the specific alignment with the combination of applicant tracking, CRM and ERP contains all core functionalities a recruitment and engineering service needs for their e-recruitment. Nevertheless, a rolling stone gathers no moss. So we do not rest ourselves with the achieved results but we plan and go ahead strategically.

Challenges in HR today

The challenges that companies are facing today in recruitment refer more and more to the candidates: there are always less qualified ones for the jobs advertised, the „war of talents“ is raging. Therefore the employers have to rely to providing the most positive „candidate experience“ they are able to or rather make it as easy as possible for their candidates to apply. On the other hand there are more and more interesting possibilities in „active sourcing“ thus the direct approach of the interesting profiles, who might not be actively looking for a new job. Social and mobile recruitment are only two of the trends that are currently totally hot.
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Word Cloud Recruitment

What are the 9 key features for an e-recruitment system for engineering services?

19 October 2015 written by

Nowadays recruitment software has to meet many requirements. Whenever a company decides to select a new system there are different groups of interest involved: e.g. recruiters, business managers, IT and management departments. Therefore software manufacturers often see themselves confronted with complex requests and specification sheets that hardly any system can fulfill within a reasonable budget range. So exactly which qualities does an e-recruitment system have to possess to enable the recruiters and business managers to work efficiently?
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References: ALTEN recruits internationally with Unatrix

22 September 2015 written by

An engineering company headed by growth

The ALTEN group is one of the leading and fastest growing engineering services companies in Europe. Currently it employs more than 18,000 engineers in 20 countries who carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.
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We bauen auf Beziehungen

New clients at Unatrix

15 September 2015 written by

We are happy to announce that the following companies have chosen to become users of Unatrix:

  • Detecon Consulting, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG, is offering classic management consulting services. From now on they will manage the recruitment of their freelancers with Unatrix.
  • Further country subsidiaries of the ALTEN group – one of the European leaders in engineering services – have chosen our solution: China, Spain, Sweden and USA


We want to thank our new users for the trust they put in us. We are looking forward to the future cooperation.

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Self-developed software vs standard software in recruitment; a comment

20 August 2015 written by

Many companies ask themselves the question whether to use a proven external e-recruitment software or to develop an own applicant tracking system (ATS). An own proprietary development would then obviously be tailor-made. Though you have to be aware whether your know-how and resources are big enough for this.
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Why build up talent pools?

10 August 2015 written by

Skills shortage is a widely known phenomenon

Nowadays many companies feel the „war of talents“, meaning the fact that there is a sinking number of candidates for the existing jobs to be staffed. By consequence more vacancies remain open or it takes more time to cover them. Maybe there are even additional recruiting ressources (e.g. staffing agencies, engineering services provider) required.
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