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All Users in the system are listed in this area. The Detailed View provides further information on the Users, and there is a filter that allows specific searching by users and permission groups. Hierarchy levels and rights-groups can also be set up here, depending on the User’s permission group.

User Toolbox

Implementation of the commands and actions described here depends on the User’s level of authorisation, which can be edited or changed by Admin in the Back-end area.

Add User

New Users can be created by the respective rights-group.

Edit User

New Users can be created by the respective rights-group.

Delete User

A User can be deleted if required. (This function is only available in the Detailed View)

Send Login

After a User is added, his/her Login data can be sent by the system via email. This will generate a new password each time, which will be displayed in the email.


If a given User Account is no longer required (e.g. if the User leaves the company), the User Account must be deleted and NOT over-written. All the User’s Activities will remain in the system as previously, under the User’s name. If the account is overwritten, all the previous User’s Activities will be overwritten with the new name.

For further questions: support@unatrix.com

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