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Tags (Keywords) are an important component of the system and are subdivided into various groups (Skills, Tools, Fields of Study, Branches, Colleges and Companies).

Each Tag can be assigned keywords in each available language. Other spellings or synonyms can be added at any time as keywords. By clicking on the green tick, the respective keyword can be defined as the main keyword of a language. The main keywords (emboldened) will be shown in the Frontend of the respective language.

New Tags can be added both in the Frontend and in the Backend. If a new Tag is a synonym or an alternative spelling for an existing Tag, this can be merged to the existing Tag via the function “Merge”.

Tree structures can also be constructed, in order to render the search in the Frontend more effective. The function “Move” can be used to sub-assign one Tag to another Tag.

A click on the Path (Structure) displays a list of all sub-assigned Tags.


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