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Statuses for all Dimensions can be added.


Set “by default”:
If a Status is designated “by default”, the Object is automatically assigned this Status when it is created.Api per default setzen:

Set “API by default”:
If a Status is designated “API by default”, synchronised records (e.g. Profiles that are imported via Online Application) automatically receive this Status when they are created.

No: no automatic activation or deactivation when implemented.
Activate/Deactivate: the corresponding Object (Profile, Need, Client etc) can be automatically activated or deactivated. The User can confirm or reject activation/deactivation in the Frontend.


When filtering for a Status Dimensions, the order can be defined.

Send email:

Links an email with a specific Status, and the email will be sent to the Profile automatically after a specified time period has elapsed. It can be defined whether the email should always be sent after expiry of the prescribed time period (in days), or only sent if the selected Status has not changed within this time period.


Enables to notify internal users when changing the Status of a Profile (Participant field). A description field can also be added.

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