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Specific Actions


Custom Actions can be created at will. They are linked to Profiles, Needs, Projects and Clients.

Action Groups

Actions Groups enable Actions to be grouped in the Toolbox. They can be added with ‘Add action group’.

Action Group filter

Individual Action Groups can be selected from the selection list. After clicking on “Filter”, all Actions that are in this Action Group are listed out. The position or sequence of the individual Actions can be adjusted accordingly.

Add Action (+ New)

Action group: the added Action can be assigned to an Action Group.

Name: name of this Action

Short name: if required, an abbreviation can be defined for the Action which will be used in reportings.

Profiles/Needs/Clients Dimension:

No: the Dimension is not involved. input or selection is not possible when carrying out the Action in the Frontend area. The Action will be greyed-out in this Dimension in the Toolbox.

Optional/Required: input or selection is either optional or necessary when carrying out the Action in the Frontend area.

Max. Number: available input fields in Frontend

See also Actions (general) description

Object Constraint:

If selected, this function prevents a selected Action from being carried out again within a specified time period (see Example Constraint). The type is first defined: Profile, Need or Contact.

Action Constraint: the corresponding Action can be selected here.

Days Constraint: the counter for the time period is defined.

Scope Constraint: All → takes into account Actions that were created by any user. Own → only for Actions that were created by the User himself/herself count.

Example Constraint: it is not permitted for [constraint object: Contacts] to create an Action [constraint action: Offer Profile], if I have already created this action previously [constraint scope: Self] within the last [constraint days: 30] days.


Actions can be defined here that are related to commercial processes. So, for example, if a Profile is involved in one or more Needs in different process stages (Actions), the User can be provided with an overview in the Frontend area, showing what stage the Profile in question has currently reached in each of the Needs. Activation of “Display Process Tab” enables tabular display in a new tab.

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