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Personal Data

The User can add to or alter his/her “personal data” in the “Settings” menu. The User can also upload a photograph or an avatar, which will then be used in the system for his/her records.

Change Password

A new password can be entered in the “Password” field, and this must then be confirmed by an entry in the “Confirm” field. The change, and activation of the new password, will take effect after it is saved.


The option “Add Signature” in the Toolbox can be used to create one or more Signatures. Sender Data can be defined for each Signature (forename, surname, e-mail address) together with an internal identifier. After adding a Signature, it can be defined as a “Standard” that will be used as the default Signature when sending e-mails. Another Signature that has been created may also be selected before sending an e-mail.

Display Settings

In this area, the User can customise the way in which data on Profile, Needs, Clients and Jobs is displayed, and blank out items of data or process inputs. We recommend that any such changes to settings are only made after first using the system for a time.

For further questions: support@unatrix.com

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