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General settings can be configured in this area for use in the Frontend area. Changes to settings will become active after they are saved.


Activation of ANÜ (check box) in the filter and the detailed view for Profiles and Needs.

Student Experience in Total Experience
The extent of student experience is taken into account in the calculation of overall experience.

Profile to Need (maximum selection)
Maximum number of Profiles that can be suggested internally for a Need.

Candidate Deactivation (in days)
Candidates will automatically be deactivated after a specified number of days. A “0” shuts off the counter.

Infobox Updates Deactivation
Inputs to the Infobox of an applicant will update the applicant’s deactivation counter.

Reactivate inactive Profiles when adding Action
Currently deactivated Profiles will be automatically reactivated when an input is made to their Infobox.

Profile to need email
Profile suggestions for a Need will inform the responsible User by email.Api auto-Login

API Auto-Login
When a Profile is created, the access data is sent by email to the Profile: off / automatic.

Minimum Covering (%)
Minimum percentage of the searched Tags that must be covered by a Need to be displayed in Results.

Minimum Matching (%)
Minimum percentage of searched Tags that must be found in Profiles to be displayed in Results.Unternehmen (Punkte)

Companies (points)
Scoring points for each Company Tag found.

Languages (points)
Scoring points for each Language Tag found.

Competencies (points)
Scoring points for each Competency Tag found.

Tools (points)
Scoring points for each Tool Tag found.

Companies (tree points)
Scoring points for each Company Tag found within the skill tree.

Competencies (tree points)
Scoring points for each Competency Tag found within the skill tree.

Tools (tree points)
Scoring points for each Tool Tag found within the skill tree.

Tools Experience (points)
Scoring points for each year of experience with a requested Tool.

Default Sorting Method
The results will be sorted by default by Matching or Scoring.

Statistics Stamp (Monday, hour)
Defines when the data for weekly statistics is captured, on Monday of each week.

Include need amount in Statistics
Defines whether multiple Needs (number of Profiles sought for a Need) are weighted in the statistics.

Enabled Languages
Defines what languages are available for use in the Frontend.

Jobs URL
The URL under which the job advertisements are published. Allows to preview Jobs when set.

Session timeout (minutes)
Time until log-out of the User if he/she remains inactive.

Enable PDF merging in Export
Uploads can be embedded in the corresponding Templates for “Offer Profile” or “Print Profile” and sent as one document.

Definitive Profile delete
When deleting a Profile, it is deleted in the Frontend but still remains in the database and can be reactivated again if required (only possible via direct database access). With this setting it is possible to define an absolute deletion (instantly or after 7 days).

Tag levels
The levels represent the state of knowledge of the respective Tags. Different font sizes and weights can be defined for each level.

Candidate, Category 2-7
Each category can be awarded extra Scoring points when searching.


When a document is being parsed (scanned), personal key data is extracted from the CV. It can be defined which data should be detected for each of the different types of Profile input methods.

Add Profile (manually): „Add Profile“ via the Toolbox

Import: „Import Profiles“ via the Toolbox

Email: Profile creation via email forwarding

Homepage: Profile creation via online application form

Docx export

When exporting the Profile information “Print Profile” in its own Template (“Profile Template”, docx format), the font type and size may be defined:

Standard Font (document) → This setting will use the standard font of the source Template.

Font and Size → Defines the font type and size used, independent of the standard font of the source Template.

For further questions: support@unatrix.com

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