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Release 15/07


Profile export in XLSX format

The “profile print” feature has been renamed to profile export. Export in the xlsx format is now available. Templates with customizable content can be set in order to export selected profiles or the list of results. This feature can be enabled in the backend.

CV-Parsing with Textkernel

The integrated resume parsing service of Textkernel allows to extract all relevant information from a resume, like the personal data, competencies, educations, professional experiences. When active, it will be possible to choose between the regular Unatrix parsing (personal data, qualifications) and the Textkernel parsing.


Each user can define his time zone. Entries are displayed accordingly. Calendar invitations are sent out using this setting. The time zone may be set in the tab settings/personal data.

Automatic online application attribution

Online applications can be attributed to a user automatically. Applications on specific jobs can be attributed to the contact or the responsible user.

Profile category attribution for online application

It is possible to define the category within a job that a profile will get when applying on it.

Experience update in profiles

The general experience added in a profile (qualifcations/experience) is being updated automatically over the time.

Jobs cross-posting

The integrated cross-posting service of Multiposting allows to publish jobs on different external channels time efficiently. If you would like to set up your Multiposting account or if you want further information, please contact us at support@unatrix.com.

Future in statistics

Future weeks can be displayed in the statistics tab, when filtering the corresponding time range.

Automatic profile emptying

Profiles can be emptied automatically after a definable amount of days following a status entry.

For further questions: support@unatrix.com

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