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Profiles filter


The Profile filter permits precise searching within the Profile database with various criteria. Several filter options are available to the User, and these can also be used in combination.

Profil Filter
General Search

In the general area, the “Identification” field allows searching for names, e-mail addresses and the “title” field within the affiliation section.
The Activity filter allows to search for Profiles that are active or inactive (green and red dot).
“Scope” allows to search for Profiles assigned to specific Users (related to the “User” field within the affiliation section)
Different Profile categories can also be included in or excluded from the search. Clicking on the label “Category” will (un)select all categories.

Qualification Filter

A search for specific qualifications, such as competencies, tools or languages, can be fine-tuned in this area. Automatic completion of keyword “tags” by the “Autocomplete” function simplifies the task of entering data, and also takes account of synonyms, different spellings and languages.

Status Filter

The status filter enables searching for general Profile status (e.g. during the application process). A related time window and further filter options extend the scope of the search.
If using a time range when filtering for a status, results will include Profiles with Infobox status entries within that time range. Without indicating a time range, results will include Profiles that are currently in this status.

Actions Filter

In this filter area, the User can filter for specific process input “Actions” and their Validities. In this context, the word “Action” describes the respective process input (e.g. offer Profile). The User can filter, for instance, for Profiles that have been offered to the client within a specified time-period.

Fields Filter

This filter area permits searching according to Key Data fields (place of residence, post code, etc.) and with extra fields that have been added.

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