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Profiles actions


Add Profile

Add Profile places the User into the Personal Data section for a new Profile. The only mandatory fields are first and last name. The remaining sections can only be edited after the Personal data is saved.

It is also possible to import personal data and qualifications (Competencies, Tools, Languages, Companies) automatically from the CV (a.k.a. “parsing”). To do this, the User selects “Add Profile” and then first uploads the CV and uses the Scan button alongside the attachment to search through it. The User should check through the data that is imported in this way, before saving it.

Import Profile

Multiple Profiles can be imported and parsed at the same time.

(De)Activate Profile

Profiles can be manually activated or deactivated. Deactivated Profiles remain in the system with all their information, but are not taken into account in Matching. The search scope can always be extended to include them though. Applicants can also be automatically deactivated after a specified number of days. This number will be updated by a new process input in the Infobox.

Profile to Need

Profiles can be suggested or selected for a Need. This information will then be displayed in the Matching Selection section of the Profile, under “Already Assigned”.

Bookmark Profile

Selected Profiles can be added to the list of Bookmarks.

Delete Profile

Profiles can be manually deleted at any time.

Print Profile

Profiles can be exported in a pre-defined Template (in .docx or .pdf format), with the corresponding information. Multiple individual Profile Templates can be created. If the User has appropriate Permissions, he/she can also define their own Profile templates or alter existing templates.


Status defines the current status of a Profile during the application process. To change the current Status, just select the respective Profile, click on “Status” in the Toolbox, and selected the new Status. For each value of Status, the User can make use of pre-defined emails and send these to the Profile, either immediately or after a time-delay.

Profil Status

Internal users or User Groups can be notified of status changes by this means. This option can be activated, if required, by Admin in the Backend area.


Select the Profile of the corresponding candidate and click on “Interview” in the Toolbox. In the next window, the data for the interview can be entered and a pre-defined email can be sent to the applicant. In this stage, the data will be saved in Unatrix, the candidate receives an email with the data, and the date and time will be entered in the interviewer’s calendar if selected. The entry thus created in the Infobox can be edited at any time, to add further data (e.g. Salary, Assessment). The interview entry can also be edited and postponed, or cancelled. The calendar entry of the interviewer (if sent) will automatically be updated then.



This action defines which User found or “sourced” the corresponding Profile. This option, if required, can be activated by Admin in the Back-end area.

Attribute (User)

Profiles can be attributed at any time to a User for further processing. This setting can also be shown as a mandatory field when the Profile is created.

Attribute (Entity)

Profiles can be assigned to a higher-level Entity, where the term “Entity” can be used, for instance, to define several individual companies within a group of companies. Profiles can thus be attributed to the appropriate Entity by carrying out the action  “Attribute (Entity) in the Toolbox. The corresponding filter can be found in the Status Filter.

Profile Check

This action can be renamed and activated in the Backend.
It is used to generally suggest Profiles internally and get a feedback from Users, which should be added in the list of Participants in order to get an email notification. These Users will then be able to give their Feedback or comment.

Empty Profile (Data Protection Law)

This action is used to delete all the data from a Profile, except for a few items that may be retained.


If required, candidates can also be manually assigned to a job advertisement if they didn’t apply for that position using the online form. The information will be filed in the Infobox of the profile and the job advertisement.

Offer Profile

If, for example, a suitable Profile for a specific Need is to be sent to the client, this action can either be used for real sending of the profile via email or just filed as Info.

In this way, the User can send a suitable Profile to the client in a selected template (Profile Template) or send related documents from the Uploads of that Profile.

For further questions: support@unatrix.com

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