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All User rights can be set up in the permissions area. Various “Permission Groups” can be defined, which can then be assigned to the individual Users. If a group is set as default, this Permission Group will be assigned to every User for whom no other Rights Group has been selected.

When creating or editing a Permission Group, the following settings are available in the respective sections:

No: not allowed.

Own: allowed for his entries.

Group: allowed for his and subordinate Users’ entries.

All: allowed for all.

Found: Users will be able to edit the “Found“ entries

Print: if set to yes, Users can access Templates but won’t be able to add or modify general Templates. If set to Edit, Users will also be able to add or modify general Templates.

Send Log-in: Users will be able to send logins to Profiles or Customer Contacts.



Key account Mode

All Contacts of a Company will be shown to the Attributed User.

Display Companies in all Needs

Company names will be displayed in the Needs.

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