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Jobs actions


The ability to carry out the commands and actions described here depends on the permissions of the respective User, which can be edited and changed by Admin in the Backend area.

Create Job

This function allows creation of Job advertisements with the associated data.

(De)Activate Job

Job advertisements can be manually activated and deactivated. If job advertisements are activated, they will appear online on your own Homepage. If they are deactivated, these job advertisements will be changed to offline.

Delete Job

Job advertisements can be deleted manually at any time.


If required, candidates can also be manually assigned to a job advertisement, if they didn’t apply using the online form for instance. The information will be filed in the Infobox of the profile and the job advertisement.

Attribute (Entity)

Job advertisements can be assigned to a higher-level unit. A “Unit” can be defined, for example, as the various companies within a group of companies. Job advertisements can thus be assigned to the corresponding Entity by means of the action “Attribute (Entity)” in the Toolbox.

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