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The ability to carry out the commands and actions described here depends on the User Rights of the respective User, which can be edited and changed by Admin in the Backend area.

Add Company

This function allows creation of a Company with the respective data.

Add Contact

The only mandatory fields for creation of a Contact are Forename, Surname and Company. If the company name does not exist in the database, the Company must first be created.

Import Contacts

Multiple Contacts can be imported simultaneously. To carry out this function, the User must first download the corresponding template into the system, fill it in and then upload it again in the same column structure.

(De)Activate Contact

Contacts can be manually activated and deactivated.


Companies and Contacts can be manually deleted at any time.

Attribute (User)

Companies and Contacts can be attributed to a relevant User at any time. By default the creator will be entered as the User responsible. This process will be documented in the Infobox.

Attribute (Company)

Contacts can be assigned to a different Company using this function. This process will be documented in the Infobox.

Offer profile

If, for example, a suitable Profile for a specific Need is to be sent to the client, this action can either be used for real sending of the profile via email or just filed as Info.

In this way, the User can send a suitable Profile to the client in a selected template (Profile Template) or send related documents from the Uploads of that Profile.

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