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A whole range of functions to cover your process and save a lot of time.


All steps in the recruitment process can be simply and clearly represented, so that you always have an overview.

Job Advertisements

Publish details of current job vacancies in the corporate design on your website homepage, external job-portals or social media platforms.
Job Ads


As a consulting or recruiting service you can complete your process chain with key CRM functions. You can manage your clients and control your sales process.


Requests from clients can rapidly be recorded in Unatrix. Suitable candidates are automatically short-listed for selection.


Service providers covering projects for their clients are able to process related data (like assignments, orders, ...) in a structured manner. You'll get all information at a glance.

“With Unatrix we can administer our high input of applications easily and without complication”
- Philipp Weifner, Business Pool GmbH -

“Using Unatrix’s CRM functionality we can represent our entire process chain in a single system”
- Hendrik Beßler, Unitepeople GmbH -


Unatrix flexibly covers the entire process chain, from uploading job ads to first contact with the customer up to project allocation. Staffing services can handle their customer relations in the CRM module. Process inputs can easily be added and will then be displayed in all dimensions.


With Unatrix, the right skills are quickly identified. A blend of different search algorithms delivers high-precision results.


Keywords can be easily stored as Tags, for both candidates and needs. Search results can be further refined by applying weighting factors to the Tags.


Configurable e-mail templates simplify communication with your applicants. Follow-ups and calendar entries can be generated if required.
External Communication


Comments on process entries allow the user to become involved and collaborate. In this way, important items of information can be recorded centrally.
Internal Communication
“Thanks to Unatrix’s efficient Matching procedure, we always find the right skills for our projects”
- Chris Maile, Telemotive AG -

“With Unatrix we can significantly simplify all our communication”
- Roberto Del Siena, Axia Consulting -

Rights Management

By means of customized rights-groups, all users can be included and their access rights can be administered. If necessary, internal hierarchies can also be provided for.


Use the wide range of search options, to find the required information rapidly. Different filters can be combined.


Our Parsing function saves you time when entering applicant data. Key information is imported from CVs and resumés at a click.


All information and activities are documented clearly in the History. A filter simplifies searches for the required entry.


Unatrix uses modern and innovative Web technologies. The simple method of operation increases user acceptance and productivity.
“Unatrix’s detailed Rights Management system allows integration of all users”
- Gabriella Lai, ALTEN Italia -

“The modelling of our processes in Unatrix, its extreme clarity, and the intuitive operability of the system, convinced us right from the start”
- Ann Kristin Pätzhorn, xinonet GmbH -


Customized Reports allow you to look at all your company’s major KPIs. You always have an overview, and can use this to optimise your processes in a focused manner.

Export Templates

With the aid of user-definable templates, applicant data can easily be exported in *.pdf or *.docx formats.
Export Templates


If required, Unatrix can be linked to third-party systems, to permit seamless data exchange.


Unatrix is a totally multilingual system. User interfaces and search criteria in different languages allow it to be used internationally across a company group.

Email Sync

Emails that you send or receive outside of Unatrix can be automatically imported, and the corresponding candidates and customer contacts assigned to them.
Email Sync

Great usability and workflow!


Unatrix achieved a 4/5 points user rating (customer survey April 2015).

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