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User survey 2015 with exciting results

27 July 2015 by

Survey during spring 2015

Earlier this year we have interviewed our users via an online questionnaire about their work and experiences with Unatrix. Obviously, our team was very curious about the user feedback. Let us present you the evaluations in this blog.

Very good partial grades for an outstanding overall rating

In particular we wanted to know what the users of our e-recruitment software think about our support, the usability, the technical performance and how they manage their own workflow with the system. Very positive evaluations led to an outstanding overall rating of 4/5 points. We are naturally very proud of this result!

More than 43% are “power users”

Unatrix has a significant impact on the daily work for the majority of the users: only 4,64% use the applicant tracking system one hour or less per day, 39,57% are among one to two hours, 12,27% are among two to four hours and 43,52% are “power users” with more than four hours usage every day.

The majority of the users work in recruitment & sales

It is not surprising that 76,31% of the users work in recruitment/HR. Since Unatrix is a software solution for HR and staffing services, many of the users have a double role in sales as well (45,70%).

Ideas for future developments

Of course there was also the possibility to comment freely. We received ideas and suggestions like the search for candidates in external databases (e.g. Monster, Linkedin, etc.), which we will consider for future developments.

Finally, we are very happy that the high standards that we set for ourselves bring results. We can see that our clients acknowledge our efforts and that Unatrix is highly appreciated by its users.

A big thanks to all our clients for the participation!

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