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Introducing the Unatrix 2017 release

13 February 2017 by

We would like to introduce you the latest developments available in Unatrix! This release includes improvements increasing the productivity of recruiters and sales users. More features will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Highlights of the release include:

  • the Offers module to manage business quotations with a validation process
  • the extension of our API
  • the creation of an assignment filter
  • the possibility to activate new reports


This new module allows to manage quotations that will be sent to clients for different types of projects.

A margin calculation sheet helps to measure the profitability of the projects.

An internal validation process can then be used to authorize the offer before its sending to the client.

Once sent, the current commercial status can be defined for each offer.

API extension

The scope of possibilities of our API has been extended.

More data within profiles can be exchanged.

A geographical range has also been added for filtering the location of jobs on a website.

Assignment filter

Profiles assigned to projects can be filtered out through their end date.

All employees that will be out of project soon can be listed very easily using this filter.

KPI & detailed action reports

Our list of predefined reports has been extended with 2 very useful exports.

The KPI report displays relevant weekly activities by user. The type of activities can be selected in the configuration.

The Detailed Action report will list all relevant activities performed by a user with detailed information. This scope of actions can be configured.

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