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The timezone feature – no more Jetlag thanks to Unatrix!

9 July 2015 by

Challenges in international recruiting

It sounds like the slogan for a new aspirin for frequent flyers but it’s daily business for international companies: employees have to exchange with each other either directly or by phone and video conferences.

You know the problem if you work for one of these companies, maybe even across various continents and timezones: you have scheduled a telephone interview with a candidate for a job that you want to staff with a high potential from the Silicon Valley. But you miss each other by an hour because your system has not respected the local timezone.

Timezone feature

Timezone Feature


Set clarity

To avoid such complications in the international recruiting we have enhanced our applicant tracking system (ATS) with the so-called timezone feature: the users set their local time and the system shows their counterpart the exact time for their own timezone. By consequence this means you invite your colleague from the US for an interview at 4.00pm German time. In the system the appointment is displayed to your colleague at 10.00am local time.

This function was built upon request of some of our clients who are working internationally and cover their processes through different timezones. It is necessary for companies like these that their e-recruitment processes run smoothly and that the communication between the offices works.

The timezone feature is integrated in all Unatrix accounts from now on and included for our customers in their monthly fees. You want to know more about Unatrix? Contact us via +49 89 287 2477 0 or info@unatrix.com .

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