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Release 18/04

13 April 2018 written by

Profile check notification

A user feedback to a profile check action triggers an email notification to the adder of the action now. Comments are sent by email to all the participants of the action as usual.

Interview feedback page

The interview action has been generally enhanced. The technical skills of candidates can be evaluated now.

An dedicated page for interview feedback has been added. It allows to add complementary information like the availability or mobility in the same page as the interview specific fields. The page can be accessed through a specific link in the infobox entry or through the link sent in the interview calendar invitation. Decision date and salary fields from interviews have been removed to avoid confusions and to focus on the fields from the status section.

API Extensions

Additional fields can be used (API v2.9).

XLSX Export extensions

Additional fields can be selected in the xlsx templates.

Release 18/02

21 February 2018 written by

Default filter

Each user can set specific filter criteria to default. This allows to filter for your customers or profiles in a certain status by default.

Jobs required fields

Fields in jobs can be set to required now. This feature is helpful to make sure that your team completes all data before publishing a job.

Mobility & desired salary in add form

Important data like mobility & desired salary of profiles can be completed when adding a profile.

API Extensions

Additional fields can be used (API v2.9).

XLSX Export extensions

Additional fields can be selected in the xlsx templates.

Release 17/10

24 November 2017 written by

Offer module extensions

  • A simpler version of calculation form (standard) has been added.
  • Offers can be generated from needs.
  • New fields have been added.
  • Offers can be exported in the docx format.

Add profile form extensions

Mobility & desired salary fields can be completed when adding a profile.

API Extensions

  • Needs have been added to the interface.
  • Profiles can be searched.
  • Additional fields have been added.

XLSX Export extensions

Additional fields can be selected in the xlsx templates.

Language dimensions of jobs

Languages for jobs are activated separately in the configuration and are not linked to the interface languages anymore.

Release 17/02

13 February 2017 written by


This new module allows to manage quotations that will be sent to clients for different types of projects.

A margin calculation sheet helps to measure the profitability of the projects.

An internal validation process can then be used to authorize the offer before its sending to the client.

Once sent, the current commercial status can be defined for each offer.

API extension

The scope of possibilities of our API has been extended.

More data within profiles can be exchanged.

A geographical range has also been added for filtering the location of jobs on a website.

Assignment filter

Profiles assigned to projects can be filtered out through their end date.

All employees that will be out of project soon can be listed very easily using this filter.

KPI & detailed action reports

Our list of predefined reports has been extended with 2 very useful exports.

The KPI report displays relevant weekly activities by user. The type of activities can be selected in the configuration.

The Detailed Action report will list all relevant activities performed by a user with detailed information. This scope of actions can be configured.

Release 16/03

27 April 2016 written by

Qualification filter for customers

A new filter section in the customers’ tab called ‘Qualifications’ allows to search for competencies and tools added in customer contacts.


A connection to a LDAP directory (e.g. Active Directory) can be enabled through the backend part in order to facilitate user management.

New profile fields

Social media: Several social media links can be added in the personal data section.

Main tool: A main tool can be added for a profile. This field has to be enabled in the backend part (fields/profile/qualifications)

Left: Date on which an employee left the company.

Source selection for profiles

Sources can be deactivated in the backend part. Users won’t be able to select nor filter for them anymore.

Parent sources can be withdrawn from the frontend selection as well. Only the lowest child options can be selected then.

Need categories

As for the profiles, categories can be enabled for needs in the backend part (fields/needs/general_information/category). One category can be set per default when adding a need. Categories can then be set through the toolbox. Categories can be hidden for users through the permission groups.

Release 15/07

14 July 2015 written by

Profile export in XLSX format

The “profile print” feature has been renamed to profile export. Export in the xlsx format is now available. Templates with customizable content can be set in order to export selected profiles or the list of results. This feature can be enabled in the backend.

CV-Parsing with Textkernel

The integrated resume parsing service of Textkernel allows to extract all relevant information from a resume, like the personal data, competencies, educations, professional experiences. When active, it will be possible to choose between the regular Unatrix parsing (personal data, qualifications) and the Textkernel parsing.


Each user can define his time zone. Entries are displayed accordingly. Calendar invitations are sent out using this setting. The time zone may be set in the tab settings/personal data.

Automatic online application attribution

Online applications can be attributed to a user automatically. Applications on specific jobs can be attributed to the contact or the responsible user.

Profile category attribution for online application

It is possible to define the category within a job that a profile will get when applying on it.

Experience update in profiles

The general experience added in a profile (qualifcations/experience) is being updated automatically over the time.

Jobs cross-posting

The integrated cross-posting service of Multiposting allows to publish jobs on different external channels time efficiently. If you would like to set up your Multiposting account or if you want further information, please contact us at support@unatrix.com.

Future in statistics

Future weeks can be displayed in the statistics tab, when filtering the corresponding time range.

Automatic profile emptying

Profiles can be emptied automatically after a definable amount of days following a status entry.

Release 14/11

28 November 2014 written by

Customer parent/child

If mousing over the name of a company, a tooltip indicates the parent or child companies of this company.

Enhanced picture identification parsing

When parsing a CV, new algorithms are identifying photos and discarding other pictures.


Data within profile uploads are being indexed now. The corresponding filter allows to search within this data. Mousing over the “Info” link in the filter section displays the different operators that can be used for the search.
Note: we are using a cron job to index the profiles in order to balance the server load. It might take a few seconds before a document is indexed and searchable.

Files in applications

When candidates are applying again and are being merged in existing ones (if having the same email), upload duplicates are being identified and discarded.

“Attribution” in display settings

Users can define in their settings if they want to see only profiles that are attributed to them per default. It will then be added to the filter automatically when accessing the Profile tab.

Additional customer contacts in Needs

Two additional customer contacts can be added in the Needs if required. This feature must be activated in the Backend (fields/needs) by labeling the category of contacts (i.e purchase, hr, …).

Release 14/03

27 November 2014 written by

Empty Profile (Data Protection Law)

This action is used to delete all the data from a Profile, except for a few items that may be retained. In the Backend area under Actions/Standard/Empty Profile, it can be defined which information a Profile will retain. To use this action, it is necessary to have access to the appropriate Permission group.

Automatic emails to Profile

Links an email with a specific Status, which will automatically be sent to the Profile after a defined time period has elapsed. It can be defined whether this email should always be sent after the stated number of days has elapsed, or only if the selected status has not changed within this time period. The settings for this are contained in the Backend area under Status, edit (for the corresponding Status).



Resource booking

This function is used to book interview rooms. An automatic email is sent to the address filed for the interview room, in order to book the room for the time of the interview. An individual email address can be filed for each interview location or room. The settings for this are contained in the Backend area under Interview Location, Edit, Resources email.

Release 14/09

27 November 2014 written by

Status per default / (De)Activation on Change of Status

Both for Needs and for Projects, it is possible to define a “default” status. It can also be specified whether the Need or project should be activated/deactivated when its status changes in the Frontend area. The settings for this are contained under Backend/Status/Status/Need or Project.


Action ‘Quotation

For Needs and for Projects, the related Quotation can be filed. The system then automatically generates quotation numbers, consisting of the initials plus a sequential number. To use this action it is necessary to have access to the appropriate Permission group.


Attribute (Entity)

Profiles and job advertisements can be assigned to a higher-level Entity. An “Entity” can be defined, for example, as the various companies within a group of companies. The corresponding Entities should be filed in the Backend area and set as “by default” if required:

Backend/Fields/General/Edit Entity

Profiles and Jobs can be allocated to the appropriate Entity by carrying out the action “Attribute (Entity)”. The filter contains a corresponding search-field (for Profiles, filed under Status Filter).


Attribute (User) for Online Applications

Candidates who apply online can be allocated directly to the responsible User or to the Contact of the respective Job. The settings for this are contained in:

Backend/Fields/Profile, Attribute/Online applications


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