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CV parsing: import candidate data with one click!

11 June 2015 by

Unatrix integrates parsing feature from market leader Textkernel

What if recruiters could save lots of time for administration work? If by this they would gain so many ressources that they could focus on more important tasks with a larger value added?

Starting from July 2015 Unatrix offers a CV parser in cooperation with the dutch software editor Textkernel. The tool is able to take over the manual transfer of candidate data from the curriculum vitae. It allows to save up to 90% of administration ressources for other tasks. The module is going to be integrated seamlessly in Unatrix. Thereby candidate profiles can be scanned, shown in the desired format, edited and evaluated.

Beispielbild CV-Parsing

User example CV parsing

All formats, all candidate information, many languages

All common standard data types like e.g. DOCX and PDF can be read. All the relevant information in the CV, e.g. personal data, competencies, education, work experience and further education can be captured. The module is particularly interesting for companies with international candidates: it is available in 16 languages among those all common European ones.

One Step forward for all who are involved

Parsing is an asset for all who are involved in the application process:

  • Candidates do not have to go through several pages of forms; they just upload their documents and have a pleasant „candidate experience“.
  • Recruiters gain time that they would normally need for inserting data manually and have a higher conversion rate (less candidates quit the application during the process) with more candidates. In the end they can perfectly use their matching database because of the imported data.
  • The recruiting company raises the number of candidates and thereby the chances to staff vacancies optimally. At the same time their image as an innovative and uncomplicated employer is being enhanced.


You have questions or want more information about our new parsing feature? Contact us: info@unatrix.com

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