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Introducing the Unatrix 2017 release

13 February 2017 written by

We would like to introduce you the latest developments available in Unatrix! This release includes improvements increasing the productivity of recruiters and sales users. More features will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Highlights of the release include:

  • the Offers module to manage business quotations with a validation process
  • the extension of our API
  • the creation of an assignment filter
  • the possibility to activate new reports

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Airsport Display

The timezone feature – no more Jetlag thanks to Unatrix!

9 July 2015 written by

Challenges in international recruiting

It sounds like the slogan for a new aspirin for frequent flyers but it’s daily business for international companies: employees have to exchange with each other either directly or by phone and video conferences.
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Unatrix Job Widget

Introduction of Unatrix job widget

2 March 2015 written by

Creation of companies’ career pages made easy

The Unatrix job widget creates a preconfigured customizable job portal for the client. Job ads can be uploaded there with a click. The result is a real career page of the company. No further efforts raise up for the design and integration of an internally developed homepage. When applying online the profile of the candidate and all relevant information are automatically stored. All the data is hosted in Germany.
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Bewerbermanagement im Wandel der Zeit

E-recruitment today and ten years ago

20 December 2014 written by

How was the situation ten years before today?

From the year 2005 on a formerly very fragmented market in the hand of specialists came into the focus of the major ERP makers as a new field of business: the HR software market. Web-based ATS were not very popular yet, most of the installations were „on premise“, i.e. hosted on the customers’ servers. Soon the first manufacturers realized how to read the signs of the times and started switching to SaaS. They integrated the first HR or ATS modules into their systems or acquired directly some specialized providers. Nowadays companies of all sizes have access to e-recruitment software to cover their application processes digitally and to become more efficient. But what happened in the meantime?

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