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Metrics and KPIs: use them to boost your growth!

19 July 2016 written by

Each company has its own way of implementing some metrics and should ideally follow a continuous improvement approach to drive its business. Gathering tons of data without using it is a waste as it could lead to useful information and substantial improvements. A few metrics and KPIs should be analyzed in regular intervals. Here a few advices.

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What are the 9 key features for an e-recruitment system for engineering services?

19 October 2015 written by

Nowadays recruitment software has to meet many requirements. Whenever a company decides to select a new system there are different groups of interest involved: e.g. recruiters, business managers, IT and management departments. Therefore software manufacturers often see themselves confronted with complex requests and specification sheets that hardly any system can fulfill within a reasonable budget range. So exactly which qualities does an e-recruitment system have to possess to enable the recruiters and business managers to work efficiently?
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References: ALTEN recruits internationally with Unatrix

22 September 2015 written by

An engineering company headed by growth

The ALTEN group is one of the leading and fastest growing engineering services companies in Europe. Currently it employs more than 18,000 engineers in 20 countries who carry out studies and conception projects for the technical and information systems divisions of large corporate clients in the industrial, telecommunications and services sectors.
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Why build up talent pools?

10 August 2015 written by

Skills shortage is a widely known phenomenon

Nowadays many companies feel the „war of talents“, meaning the fact that there is a sinking number of candidates for the existing jobs to be staffed. By consequence more vacancies remain open or it takes more time to cover them. Maybe there are even additional recruiting ressources (e.g. staffing agencies, engineering services provider) required.
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