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2015 – a year in blog posts

10 December 2015 by

Applicant tracking for recruitment and engineering agencies

It is in Unatrix’s DNA to be designed according to the customers’ needs. Therefore our software for recruitment agencies has become indispensable in the market for e-recruitment systems. Our value added: the specific alignment with the combination of applicant tracking, CRM and ERP contains all core functionalities a recruitment and engineering service needs for their e-recruitment. Nevertheless, a rolling stone gathers no moss. So we do not rest ourselves with the achieved results but we plan and go ahead strategically.

Challenges in HR today

The challenges that companies are facing today in recruitment refer more and more to the candidates: there are always less qualified ones for the jobs advertised, the „war of talents“ is raging. Therefore the employers have to rely to providing the most positive „candidate experience“ they are able to or rather make it as easy as possible for their candidates to apply. On the other hand there are more and more interesting possibilities in „active sourcing“ thus the direct approach of the interesting profiles, who might not be actively looking for a new job. Social and mobile recruitment are only two of the trends that are currently totally hot.

Strategic partnerships

We have concluded a partnership with the french provider Multiposting at the beginning of the year in order to make it very easy for the companies to increase their reach when searching candidates. Customers who use this option are able to post jobs on up to 600 jobboards with just one click and reach maximum visibility. Another interface was built with the Dutch company Textkernel to introduce the function of the CV parsing. With this feature CVs can automatically be scanned and no one has to insert any data like qualifications or education manually anymore.

JobWidget in responsive design

JobWidget in responsive design

Responsive design

The rise of mobile usage of the Internet and also during job search is continuing rapidly. It is therefore important that career pages and job advertisements are made in responsive design today, i.e. they have to be optimized for all devices like smartphones, tablets or else. Unatrix herefore offers the JobWidget, a career page where the company can post their jobs optimized for mobile and for search engines.

New clients

The continuous efforts to enhance our product and the marketing were definitely worth it: many new clients have chosen Unatrix in the year 2015, e.g. Detecon Consulting. Some of them, especially the bigger structures with their own IT and servers, chose on premise installations, others the SaaS version. Both types are continuously updated of course and keep the same high security standard.

Outlook in 2016

The year 2015 was very exciting for Unatrix and we suppose that 2016 will be at least as interesting. Obviously we will enhance the variety of our product features continuously. This means we plan new developments and partnerships to increase the usability. Through the responsive design of all relevant pages and a stronger social media integration we will move further towards mobile. Furthermore we plan to drive forward our internationalisation. Apart from the DACH region we have already for some time concentrated on the french market which is very interesting for us.

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